Construction site safety
Construction site safety

P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. strongly believes that the employees, regardless of what they do, are the most important asset the Company has. It did not take long for management to notice the success of its safety procedures. Downtime was drastically reduced, injuries were minimized and the Company activities became more manageable. The cost savings ultimately improved the project performance and increased the Company's competitiveness in the marketplace.

Worker's safety and health are of paramount importance throughout the Company and at all levels. Without healthy and able bodies, the performance of the Company as a whole would be impaired. For this belief, management is committed to providing a healthy work environment to prevent accidental injuries. The Company upgrades the safety program that it has in place continuously as new regulations and changes arise. The safety program began with the first company project, and the first comprehensive safety manual was produced in 1980. Today, the safety program is managed by an in-house safety director and at times supplemented by outside consultants. It is mandatory that every person employed by the company be continually aware of this commitment to safety. While construction projects can become dangerous work zones, proper safety training ensures that all hazards are mitigated, so that all the employees can be assured of a safe working environment. Before construction begins, all risks to the health and well-being of our workers and the public are identified, and safety procedures are put into place.

The disciplinary policy applies to all employees in the company both at worker and at supervisory levels, and it is ingrained into our corporate culture and construction methodology. All Supervisory personnel, including foremen and superintendents, undergo periodic training and retraining to ensure that all employees are properly directed and protected. We are constantly training annually and have periodic safety training throughout the year. The policy intends to provide positive feedback and reinforcement to develop safe work habits. The disciplinary policy has three stages with increasing levels of severity and corresponding levels of discipline. Teamwork is needed for a meaningful safety program that will stop injuries and possible deaths among workers. Every employee can stop if they see safety violations. The superintendents and safety director have disciplinary authority to fire anyone that violates our safety policies. We also have an anonymous safety suggestion box.

We utilize many training programs for advanced certifications including Confined Spaces and HAZWOPER. We continuously hand out safety information and ensure all equipment is up to all the safety codes.

The safety program continues to be very successful. The ultimate goal is zero accidents of any type.