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P. Gioioso Brothers
Luigi, Giuseppe, Tommaso, F. Sergio, Francesco

P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. is a multi-faceted General Construction Contractor founded in 1962. Its main location is in Boston where the Company also houses its equipment maintenance facility. Their construction management approach provides an efficient, seamless blend of experienced personnel from the major project participants, who builds on their expertise and experience with more accelerated and complex projects. The approach is based on team building, continuous coordination, open decision-making, and most importantly, the commitment by all parties to responsiveness.

P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. and all of its employees-whether they are tradesmen, administrators or managers – take pride in the reputation the Company has developed since 1962. The Company has the necessary personnel, financing, and equipment resources to complete a wide range of projects including utility, heavy construction, and design/build throughout the state of Massachusetts and adjacent states.

Most of the clients are public agencies, cities and towns. The completed and current projects vary in size and complexity, and they range in value of more than $37,000,000. The Company has the capacity of handling larger projects up to $100,000,000. The past expertise includes a $47 million design/build combined sewer overflow project with US Filter and the Maguire Group for the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission. The project was the first CSO Design/Build project in the nation.

As opportunities arose, the company ventured into building pumping stations, water and sewerage treatment plants, tunnels, marine work, bridges, roads, hydroelectric turbines, chemical soil stabilization, restoration of old buildings, residential subdivisions, buildings, racquetball club, reconstruction of a ferry terminal, historical pumping station remodernization, microtunneling, etc.

As one of the region’s leading contractors with a strong specialization in environmental projects, they have maintained a continuous presence in the Boston area for over half a century. The pioneering efforts of the founders and the management team provide quality work, efficiency, and workers' safety, which earned P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. its reputation as one of the state's most desirable contractors.


Since 1962, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. has been operating on a simple approach introduced by the founders, and it is still effective today. The approach applies to owners, agencies, suppliers, subcontractors as well as the employees: The values of honoring commitments, producing quality work, and operating honestly with integrity and fairness, regardless of potential financial consequences, are the values that still hold true throughout the Company today.

The very simple rule of working honestly and of honoring commitments has on occasion produced additional costs to the Company; however, the Company has enjoyed the side benefits associated with the core values. It was these values that produced relationships that will stand the test of time and that cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

Just as important, as an equal opportunity employer who puts clients and employees first, the Company has earned the reputation of being the leader in the utility construction industry: The clients receive quality service and the employees make progress within the Company.

Management Team

Luigi Gioioso
Joseph Gioioso
Francesco Gioioso
Joseph Bettencourt
Giuseppe Gioioso
Giovanni Gioioso

President Emeritus*
Vice President
Clerk Emeritus*

Ferrante S. Gioioso
Pelino A. Gioioso
Marco A. Gioioso
Gino Gioioso
Mario Romania

Assistant Clerk Emeritus*
Office Clerk Emeritus*
Assistant Secretary
Project Manager

*Founders of P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc.

In addition, the Company employs a full-time Safety Director, Public Relations Director, Controller, and Equipment Manager.