1960's photoP. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. was founded in 1962 by Pelino A. Gioioso and his five sons – Tommaso, Giuseppe, Luigi, Ferrante Sergio, and Francesco, essentially the first working crew. They had emigrated from the small town of Filetto in the region of Abruzzo, Italy, where they worked as farmers looking towards America as the land for new opportunities that would improve their lives. Knowing the meaning and value of hard work, they first started out as manual laborers working for the city of Boston. In 1959, Pelino, Ferrante and Tommaso founded Gioioso Bros., Inc., which began as an excavating company for drainage water and sewer works and golf courses then later evolved to include the purchase and maintenance of machinery and the supply of materials. When P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. launched in 1962 with Ferrante and Tommaso as Directors, Giuseppe as Secretary, Luigi as President, and Francesco as Treasurer and General Manager, it carried out the projects working in tandem with Gioioso Bros., Inc. by continuing drainage, water and sewer work, and venturing further by building 4 more golf courses in Massachusetts and Maine.

The Company expressed diligence and dedication to their work throughout the years as the projects became increasingly diversified in scope and scale. They met new projects head on: The diverse projects would range from pipeline construction for water mains through Spot Pond to building a sewer pipeline around Lake Winnipesaukee to rebuilding of the ferry terminal in Nantucket in the early 1980s. By taking on bigger and greater challenges, P. Gioioso & Sons, Inc. has grown to be a solid and a well-diversified general contractor in pipeline, environmental, and transportation projects. After over 50 years working in this industry, the brothers from Abruzzo have transcended the characteristics of their Italian heritage – strength and affability, dedication, love of work, the desire to make the company successful and the courage to face new undertakings – into everything they accomplish. The Gioioso family realized their future in the United States of America and found their place in society, which now considers them among its most respected and esteemed members. They now employ over 150 employees, including engineers, technicians, laborers, drivers, operators, carpenters, and many more, who consider the Company their home.