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Alewife Brook Floatables Control and CAM 400 Sewer Separation Project

Project Manager: Mario Romania
Engineer: S E A Consultants and MWH Americas, Inc.
Client: City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
Construction Cost: $4,100,000
Construction Schedule: January 2010 - 2011

The project includes the separation of existing storm drain and sanitary sewer systems, rehabilitation of existing drain and sewer pipe using trenchless technologies (pipe bursting and CIPP). It also involved installation of new sanitary and drain pipes and structures; the replacement of regulator structures, floatable control structures at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Alewife Brook Parkway; water main relocations and surface improvements including curbs, sidewalks, and roadway construction. The replacement of the combined sewer manhole will take place at Magoun Street and Massachusetts Avenue along with the reconnection, reconfiguration, and replacement of adjacent sanitary sewers, storm drains and combined sewers; support and relocation of existing utilities; and restoration of all disturbed areas. The project will help limit combined sewer overflows and floatables into the Alewife Brook.