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“Several neighbors agree with me that the word ‘choreography’ comes to mind with the coordination of the team and the finesse of the bulldozer driver. It was amazing what the latter did with his machine in very tight spaces. But perhaps most amazing of all was Gioioso’s willingness to do a little extra. With city approval, they returned to my alley this week to do some replacement connections on 3 properties for building drainage to the city alley water pipes. This was exactly the primary concern I had expressed in January and was thrilled that the City and Gioioso worked together to help residents. A very friendly team worked 3 days to make these connections and residents are very grateful.”

- Resident of Boston

“A resident on Kinnaird Street was extremely pleased to see how courteous and attentive the crews have been in the past few months. Neighbors appreciate all the hard work going into the operation. Thank you for continuing to set the bar high with your efforts.”

- Kelly Dunn, Community Relations Manager, Cambridge Department of Public Works

“The team from P. Gioioso & Sons worked closely with the neighbors to ensure the best location for the lateral. The entire street was impressed with their efficiency and politeness. The problem arose at the eleventh hour and the pressure from the residents on BWSC was passed on to [P. Gioioso & Sons]. All of the neighbors commented on how helpful and polite your entire crew was. Thank you to everyone for making the process go so efficiently.”

- Resident of Boston

Boston Construction | P. Gioioso Construction“Over the years, P. Gioioso and Sons has completed over 19 separate projects for the Massachusetts Resources Authority (MWRA) with a combined value of over $126.5 million. Some of these projects have been large in scope and very complicated and Gioioso has always risen to the challenge. We, at MWRA, have been very pleased with the quality and timeliness of Gioioso’s work and consider them a top-flight contractor.”

- Frederick A. Laskey, MWRA Executive Director

“Having performed pipe jacking operations under the MWRA aqueduct in front of my house was no easy task. Traffic coordination with the Framingham Police Department was superb during heavy traffic conditions. P. Gioioso and Sons is a very reputable firm.”

- Resident of Framingham

“The seven million dollar complex separation project involved work in three different sections of the City, including the busiest part of downtown. The project was accomplished in a professional and efficient manner. In fact the project was completed well ahead of schedule and well within budget.”

- Denis R. Meunier, Former Commissioner, Department of Public Works, City of Fitchburg

“Some of the major benefits of a company this size include:

1. limitless resources to equipment and experience
2. passing for what they do and ensure the project is done correctly
3. sensitive to customer issues and impacts
4. meet schedules and deadlines, unless a time extension is warranted
5. qualified workforce, from laborers to Project Managers
6. submittal of only valid and substantial claims

For these reasons the Commission continues to award and recommend projects to this company.”

- Irene McSweeney, P.E., Director of Construction, Boston Water and Sewer Commission

“We would like to take this opportunity to commend P. Gioioso and Sons, Inc. on the services they have provided us on the Newburyport Low Street Sewer Rehabilitation Project. The Public and customer service as well as problem solving skills employed by all representatives of P. Gioioso were beyond the normal expected levels of service and deserve mention and you provided us with very cost effective construction services. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

- Newburyport Sewer Commission – David Hanlon, Chairman; Robert Cook, Vice Chairman; Kate Murray, Secretary; Melanie Hession; John Tomasz

“The City of Medford was in a desperate situation on Mystic Avenue January 13th, 2004. City personnel could not possibly handle this emergency, since they had been working 72 hours around the clock and were totally exhausted. That evening P. Gioioso and Sons, Inc. did the City a tremendous favor by bringing out an arrow board so the citizens of Medford and beyond would be safe from any accident. In that freezing cold weather, the men did an excellent repair job to our 10” water main and the installation of a gate valve.”

- Paul Gere, Former Commissioner, Department of Public Works, City of Medford

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